A Basil Basket

April 13th, 2011 § 4 comments

I am a plant killer.

Truly – a plant enters my apartment and within a matter of days (sometimes only hours) it’s drooping and sagging and gasping for life.  This is why I don’t have plants.  I feel too much guilt when they inevitably bite the bullet.

But recently, I have become very good at keeping herbs thriving in our kitchen window – and in a small basket nonetheless.

Thriving basil (purchased more than two weeks ago! Lifetime record there folks) in a small basket in our window

For this Basil Basket DIY, all you need is:

  • A basket (mine came as a gift filled with flower bulbs from the lovely Dorthe – and those flower bulbs have since ceased to be 🙁 )
  • A potted basil plant (though I am sure any other herb/plant would do nicely)

Though what to do next may seem obvious, I’m going to walk you through it:

Coat the inside of your basket with a plastic bag/lining, to retain water for the plant (when you remember to water it of course).  Remove the plant from it’s pot, and carefully arrange the dirt and roots in the plastic basket coating.

Finally, arrange the greenery to grow on either side of the basket handle, and voila! you’ve got a lovely new addition to your kitchen windowsill. (Don’t forget to water regularly!)

Now throw some fresh herbs on tonight’s pasta Dukan diet dish and enjoy!

Bon appetite luvs!

§ 4 Responses to A Basil Basket"

  • Tanja says:

    I can keep a basil plant alive for some time.. it’s much harder with parsley for some reason. I bring it home and already the next day it’s dry, brown and… let’s face it – dead!

    But basils are lovely. They taste good and look pretty. 🙂 Congrats with your basil plant – now you can tell people, that you have green fingers.

    • Alexandra says:

      I have noticed the same thing! Damn parsley plants… 🙂 I can also keep chives hanging on for quite awhile, but they aren’t nearly as lovely to look at as basil plants.

      Thank you for all the love – and see you tonight for dinner?! xxx

    • Dorthe says:

      I have discovered that when I put the plant in a pot which always has some water, it pretty much takes care of itself! 🙂


      P.S. this is my first red-reply – and thanks for the kind words.

      • Alexandra says:

        You’re so lucky! If I am able to water a plant, it always seems that I end up drowning it before the day is through. Humph!

        Thank you for your first comment – I feel incredibly honored!!

        xoxo, Alex

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