Rain or shine, Roskilde ’11

July 7th, 2011 § 0 comments

Though my numerous disposable cameras from Roskilde Festival won’t be developed for a few more weeks, I want to share with you a few iPhone quality (read: not the greatest) photos from this amazing week.

I had an absolute BLAST and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.  K and I agree that our very best concert of the week was without a doubt The Strokes – they are soooo cool, and we were so close! – but I also enjoyed some fantastic music by The Tallest Man on Earth, Bright Eyes, Dead Mau5, Oh Land, Atmosphere, Big Boi, Portishead, and more!

The music was only the icing on the cake however – Roskilde Festival is so much more about a feeling: the laughter with my wonderful camp mates, surviving the wind, rain and mud, many inside jokes, running into the most random of acquaintances and just generally having a gooood time.

Toke kicking it “Wild style” – I think this was one of his mellowest outfits!

Kristian’s very first Roskilde concert – Danish rock band Veto

The legendary Roskilde Orange Stage!

GO – Girls Only toilet!  Pink stripes and mirrors…  Now there’s an outhouse!

Bright Eyes loooooooooooovvveeeee

The go-to drink of the week: fresh squeezed orange juice and vodka.  Yes!

I spent Friday with two of my very favorite German gals

The sunset over Orange state before Portishead began their show

Saturday I cooled off in the H&M Reboot Camp with Karl Coca Cola… Yum!

Glow in the dark jewelry – dressed up just right for dancing to Dead Mau5!

Big Boi!!  Definitely one of the most fun concerts, and perfect for Sunday afternoon

I had such an amazing week, and it truly all went by waaaay too fast.  I wish I could do it all over again – but considering I’m still neck-deep in the flu I think I’ll try and wait until next summer.

Thank you to all of my friends and my camping sisters who made this week so unforgettable — I love you all!!!

xxx luvs

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