Crushed cherry cooler

July 8th, 2011 § 1 comment

Today I would like to share with you not recipes, but instead, recommendations.  Sometimes on hot evenings after a long day, it’s hard to focus on ingredients for a particular recipe.  So you choose what looks fresh, what seems easy, what smells delicious.

Here is the first recommendation I will share today for making your summer weeknights a little sweeter and simpler.

What did I pick up at the grocery store? You guessed it – round, red, plump cherries.

The first way I incorporated these cherries into a cozy evening meal with K was in a tall pitcher of elderflower juice.

If you’ve never tried elderflower juice before, then a) you aren’t Danish, and b) you’re seriously missing out.  K and I went elderflower picking a few weeks ago to make our very own elderflower concentrate, and that muddled with a handful of cherries and topped off with fresh water and ice, made the perfect summer evening refreshment.

Like I said before, I don’t want to share recipes today – just recommendations.

So for starters, I recommend that you crush some fresh berries or fruit into your beverage this evening – be it a glass of ice water, juice, martini, you name it!  Take it or leave it – but nothing says summer quite like fresh fruit in the bottom of your glass.

More recommendations coming up later… I hope you’ll keep your ears open!


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