Candied Ginger

August 16th, 2011 § 2 comments

Today’s all about ginger.

It’s all I can think about – I’m craving it’s spicy sweet flavor in soda, it’s poignant aroma fills our apartment, and I actually think there is still ginger syrup in my hair from the sticky/delicious mess I made in the kitchen last night.

I’ve always loved candied ginger – on it’s own or chopped up and baked into scones (honestly mom, that was a stroke of genius) – but I never ever imagined that I would make it in my own kitchen.  Nor did I know the process was so easy peasy – albeit a little sticky.

K’s reaction to the sweet/spicy candy was “It almost tastes healthy – even though I saw how much sugar went into it!”  Yes, yes dear – don’t let it fool you.

But this not-exactly-healthy candy’s tiny portions provide a generous kick of sweet, spice and satisfaction, so you won’t need to overdose on sugar to feel content.  You may experience withdrawal symptoms however, like I am going through right now.  Is it 5:00 pm yet?

Homemade Candied Ginger

Makes approx. 8 oz candy

Candied ginger is a wonderful byproduct of ginger syrup.  To create candied ginger, follow the recipe for ginger syrup here.  Once you have strained the pieces of ginger from the syrup and laid them on parchment paper, sprinkle granulated sugar over them and use a spoon to stir and coat the candied pieces.  Leave in a cool, dry place so the ginger can dry out overnight.  Once dried, store in an airtight container.

Enjoy them while they last, then repeat and make again!


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