Me, Hennes & Mauritz

August 23rd, 2011 § 0 comments

Once upon a time, a sixteen year old girl from Oregon stumbled into Scandinavia.  Swedish high street brand H&M hadn’t taken Oregon by storm yet, so her introduction to their stylish, affordable designs was love at first swipe (get it? credit cards? no?).

Fast forward a few years. Half of my wardrobe is crammed with lovely clothes – in silk, wool, leather – that all came with high street price tags from H&M.  Seriously: dressing well is easy with a little imagination and an H&M around the corner.

Case in point: their Fall 2011 catalog.

Image courtesy of the WhoWhatWear Blog

Seriously, you’re not drooling?  Because I am.  That white lace skirt is absolute heaven.  I have a huuuge crush on Margareta van den Bosch.

Quick story: Friday evening, I danced my booty off with friends at the fabulous Copenhagen gay bar Cozy.  A man pulled me to the side of the dance floor, gaping at my silk floral printed blouse.

“You look fantastic!” he yelled over the music (Single Ladies, if I’m not mistaken). “Where did you get that top!?”

I blushed. “Please don’t tell anyone,” I joked. “It’s from H&M.”

“NO!” he cried in horror.  “Not possible!  It must be Stella McCartney.”  I laughed, but stopped quickly when I noticed his dead serious expression.

“Come,” he said, pulling my arm and proceeding to introduce me to all of his friends as ‘the girl with the Stella McCartney top’.

Funny indeed.  xxx

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