Long, beautiful hair {the dirty way}

September 12th, 2011 § 1 comment

So just before the weekend, I got a little serious and shared a little glimpse into the life of a red head.  I admitted that I depend on my hair.. and I spoke the truth.  Despite this fact however, I haven’t treated my hair as well as I should have for a loooong time (read: ever).  I have always washed it daily, used an abundance of products (nothing specific, just random to coax it as I see fit) and I blow dry the moisture out of it most mornings.  As a result, the red hair I depend on so heavily was dry at the ends, as well as flat, oily and just plain ugly less than 24 hours after being washed.

It was time for a drastic change.

Therefore I have embarked on what I’m going to refer to as “The Dirty Challenge” – hoping that by allowing my hair to produce it’s own natural oils and processes, I will find myself with a more luscious, maintainable, and all-around lovelier head of hair.

I begin the challenge last week.  I washed my hair as normal on Monday, left it free of products, and brushed it to air-dry in place.  Tuesday morning, I hesitantly pulled my hair into a bun, and kept it out of the shower.  With a few spurts of dry shampoo, my hair looked freshly washed all day – but it didn’t feel clean!  Wednesday was the same, but even harder.  I went shopping with my dear friend Sif, and we purchased the fancy and fortifying shampoo seen above.  I knew when I washed my hair once again, I didn’t want to ruin so many days of hard work by using a chemical formula.  Thursday, it took all the strength I had to avoid my new shampoo, but my hair actually looked just fine.  On the fourth day, I scrubbed my head clean with my new shampoo, and relished in every drop of hot water induced foam.  Wow.  It was amazing.

And after just three days of struggling, my freshly washed hair looked stronger, thicker and healthier.  It bounced about, and every curl fell into place.  I was exstatic.

Today is the last day of my second cycle (1 day wash, 3 days dry), and my hair is looking much better than last week.  It is easier than ever to pull up into a fun up-do – I’ve been experimenting with twists, braids and backcombing like you wouldn’t believe.  Every morning, I freshen it with dry shampoo and a thorough brushing, and I’ve practically cut my morning routine in half.

“The Dirty Challenge” is not for the lighthearted.  It’s tough to break the washing cycle, but I promise it’s worth the hardship.  I can’t wait to see my hair in another week, another month!  It will only get better I’m sure.

After all, Audrey Hepburn reportedly only washed her hair once a week, and always looked impeccable.  Now that is inspiration!

So, are you ready for the challenge? xxx luvs

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