Ridin’ home

September 13th, 2011 § 1 comment

I can’t believe that by next weekend I’ll be 3,000 miles away from my loved ones and life in Copenhagen.  It’s taking all the strength I have not to crumble and fall apart just thinking about it, but deep down I know everything is going to be just fine.  I am of course thrilled that I get to spend time with my family again – I haven’t seen my father and brother in one and a half years, so hugging them next week is something I’m truly looking forward to.

What else am I looking forward to? Riding this bike around town and being awesome (read: weird).

Missoni for Target Bicycle ~ Image courtesy of Target

Biking isn’t the most common method of transportation in the US (it’s mostly for sport, sadly) but I want to be sure that I keep up my daily biking habit even when I’m away from Copenhagen.

I’m quite sure that this beeeeautiful bike from the Missoni for Target collection will make me smile every day of the rainy Oregon school year… and in my book, that makes it a must-buy!

xxx luvs

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