Teach the torches

October 3rd, 2011 § 1 comment

O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! – Romeo

Please forgive me, for this is an indulgent, work-through-the-crisis, slightly dramatic post.  Advance at your own risk…


In the last two weeks, I have moved 6,000 miles, become a dog owner, moved in with my family after four years away, started an intensive first week of school, traveled 600 miles roundtrip to a career conference, reconnected with old and new friends, turned 23 and had a small life crisis – all among, you know, the usual things.

And now?  I’m exhausted.  I’m overwhelmed.  I’m trying to figure out my next steps – in school, in my career, in my life.  One moment I feel on top of the world, but the next I feel worthless and worn out.  It’s a roller-coaster… and honestly I’m kind of desperate to get off and throw up….  You know what I mean?

Luckily in all this madness, I have friends and family who are A.maz.ing.  At my birthday party Saturday evening, my friend Chris said something wonderful to me, which I am trying to hold on to tightly during the current crisis in my mind.

You do teach the torches to burn bright.

By quoting Shakespeare in chalk outside my house, Chris reminded me that my own brightness isn’t attached to a certain degree, profession, or location.  It’s always in me.  And through the coming weeks, months, years – where I will blindly make decisions about my future and hope that they lead me down the “right” path – I need to remember this.


If you couldn’t tell, I’m working through a lot right now loves. I hope you’ll stick with me through this bumpy ride!.

After all, where’s the excitement in a straight path?  xxx

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  • Pyt says:

    Åhh Alex! I wish I could come over and make marenge cup cakes and forget everything for a moment! But Alex, you’re one of the bravest persons I know! Remember, you’re loved!!

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