She is red {riding hood}

November 3rd, 2011 § 0 comments

I planned my Halloween costume – Joan, Adele, and Holly Golightly rolled into one – for a few weeks, but didn’t realize I would be attending two different costume parties until the day before the festivities.

So one vintage coat, a cute basket, and a lot of red lipstick later…

Image courtesy of miss Mary – thanks love!

And I was Red Riding Hood!!  (Note: I’m not sure what my friend Jersey here was going as – but I do know it took me almost three hours to finally recognize him!)

I wasn’t the only RRH enjoying the festivities, but I was definitely the least slutty – by a landslide.  Since when did Red Riding Hood wear a garter belt and fish net stockings anyway?!  Oh dear…

xxx luvs

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