Glitter Sunglasses DIY

March 21st, 2012 § 25 comments

Welcome to part 1,355 of my 2,000 part series: “In which Alex covers everything she owns with gold glitter”.  In today’s episode, a nearly forgotten pair of sunglasses is not safe from my gold glitter obsession.

1. First I sanded the plastic frames of the glasses with a nail file in order to make a rougher surface for the glue to stick to.  Then I coated the frames with gold glitter glue (which I bought in a 3-pack at the Dollar Store).

2.  Then I poured loose gold glitter into a paper plate, and dipped the still-wet-glue covered frames gently into the glitter, being sure to coat them as evenly as possible.

4. I allowed the glue/glitter to dry overnight, and then shook off any loose glitter left.  Finally, I went over the glitter frames with clear nail polish, and added extra flakes of glitter here and there as needed.

5.  And then, I looked awesome.  Elton John, you’re my inspiration for life!

The end!

xxx loves

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