{Homemade} Peppermint Patties

May 14th, 2012 § 18 comments

I have always loved peppermint patties.  Smooth chocolate surrounding a creamy peppermint filling – what’s not to love?! But since I hate prepackaged sweets, it seemed like a wonderful idea to make my own.

Chocolate Covered Katie to the rescue!  Yes, these are yet another {insert any number of high-praising descriptive adjectives here} vegan chocolate treat adapted from one of wonderful Katie’s brilliant recipes.

They are amazingly simple to make – just whip up a batch of three ingredient chocolate, and follow Katie’s guide to making a peppermint filling {coconut butter is the perfect consistency for a creamy center!}.

Method madness: I used paper muffin cups of varying sizes, filled each with a thin layer of chocolate, and then froze them. Then I filled a bag with peppermint filling, cut off one corner, and piped the filling into the middle of each chocolate disk before freezing them again.  Finally I spooned chocolate over the top to cover the filling, and froze one last time.

Finally, since I’m crazy about glitter, I also used this opportunity to bust out a little edible fairy dust, which I sprinkled on top of each chocolate for a dazzling finish.

The result was, in a word, DIVINE.  Actually, I’m going to go eat one now… bye!


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