{DIY} Gold Dot Confetti Plate

May 22nd, 2012 § 9 comments

Surely I’m not the only gal who has been lusting after the Kate Spade gold confetti patterned glassware for many months?!?  {I blame Pinterest}.

Well, if you too were enamoured by the whimsical charm of this pattern, then you’ll love this simple and cheap DIY project!

For this project, I used thrifted plates that I found at Goodwill for $.049 each, hole punch reinforcement stickers, gold spray paint, and a small paint brush.

I first arranged the stickers in a semi-random pattern and made sure they were firmly pressed to the plate {so the paint wouldn’t seep out too much}.  Then I sprayed the gold paint into a plastic lid {that I could discard later} and used the paint brush to apply the gold liquid into each hole.  {Tip: be careful not to use to much paint, so that the stickers become wet and seep paint outside the circle shape}.

After letting the gold circles dry, I then used tweezers to remove each sticker carefully.  If any gold had seeped outside of the circle shape, I used a Q-tip with a little nail-polish remover to fix the edges.

In the end I had almost perfect dots!  I could add more if I wished simply by repeating the process until I was happy with the look.

Remember this doesn’t make plates that are good to eat off of – but they do make perfect holders for jewelry, keys, or other knick-knacks!  And – they are so pretty!

I’m just crazy about my new plates!  What do you think loves?!


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