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August 2nd, 2012 § 6 comments

Things have been buuuusy here in Copenhagen. July flew by in a whirlwind, did it not?!  Here’s a little recap of what I’ve been up to {lately}…

{I spent two days in a row on the Islands Brygge harbor watching beautiful sunsets and swimming in the chilly water}

{I celebrated one of my best friend’s birthdays, and K of course covered himself in balloons for the occasion}

{I found out that getting stuck in a summer rainstorm isn’t so bad after all}

{I rocked a mini arm-party at the Green Concert music festival}

{Where I saw an amazing concert with Alphabeat – one of my very favorite bands!}

{I discovered a trick to cooling down white wine and bubbly: frozen berries! Better than ice cubes – these are pretty and delicious!}

{I enjoyed the little big things in life)

{I wrote a guest post on Girl with the Blue Bow about my talented, awesome brother}

{I kicked off ‘Get Fit August’ with my first run in ages (I nearly died) and started my new goal of biking a portion of my daily commute (12km of hills!)}


“What’s ‘Get Fit August’?” you ask? Well, it’s the 31 days I have to get into a healthy eating and exercise routine, so I can look and feel great when I leave for New York Fashion Week on September 1st!!!  My goal is not to lose a certain amount of weight, it’s simply to get into a healthy routine that makes me feel great.

During the my last, very stressful months of university, I gained some extra weight that I really didn’t need.  I want to feel healthy in my body and comfortable in my clothes, so I hope that with some drastic diet and fitness changes {read: not eating unhealthy foods and exercising more than never} I will feel fabulous by the time I leave for New York.

Over the next month, I will share the healthy recipes I’m trying, the fitness routines I’m sweating through, and much more.  A few very cool companies have offered to help me through this challenge, so I’ll also be sharing their awesome products with you.

I look forward to seeing what this challenge will do for my health, my confidence, and my happiness! I’ll hope you’ll root for me this month loves – I’ll need all the help I can get!

Just so you know: I love love love you. xxx!

{PS – Who else will be at the IFB Conference and Lucky FABB in September?! I would love to meet you there!!}

§ 6 Responses to Life {Lately}"

  • CJ says:

    That white wine and berries looks delicious! Such a great idea 🙂

  • Theresa says:

    So awesome that you’re heading to NYC in Sept! You’re going to have a blast babe! And so cool that you’re partaking in Get Fit August. Looking forward to the recipes! You seem so happy! Yay! 🙂



  • YAy! me too my love. lets go through the next month really putting in the work to be healthy and meet up in NYC looking and feeling fab!

  • Evani G says:

    Excited to follow you on your fitness journey, I’ve been needing to get back to it all so hopefully this is just the push i need! Such beautiful photos, i love the one of the rainbow! 🙂

  • Deb says:

    root root rooting for get fit august! so many fresh veggies finally in the garden…as well as blueberries, finally, and…ta! da! the very first fig!

    xoxo to you and sofus!

  • Caro says:

    I am with you Alex! I started my get-fit-get-slim journey two weeks ago! A lot of healthy food and a lot of work out!!! Miss you!

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