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August 9th, 2012 § 4 comments

Get Fit August is off to a wonderful start! In the last 9 days, I’ve biked 92 km {!!}, changed my diet drastically, and lost 2 kg. I’ve been trying to eat only wholesome foods – focusing on vegetables, fruit and proteins. I’ve been greatly reducing my portions as well – trying to remind myself to stop eating when I’m full {something easier said than done I think}.

To help me with portion control, I’ve relied on an amazing little product: Skinny Sprinkles! I simply dissolve the strawberry powder into water before meals, and it makes me feel full much faster.

Jane, the brilliant mind behind Skinny Sprinkles, explained this process to me: “When you have a drink you don’t feel full afterwards, but if you have a meal you do. The reason why is down to what is called ‘gastric emptying’. When you have consumed a meal your stomach knows you have eaten and the ‘trap door’ between the stomach and intestine closes so that the stomach can digest the food. When you consume a drink the stomach does not need to digest the drink so the trap door does not close. That is why drinking water for example does not make you feel full. Because Skinny Sprinkles thickens into a gel like consistency in your stomach, the stomach responds to it like it would to food and delays gastric emptying – giving a feeling of fullness.”

If you are trying to lose weight – or maintain your current weight – I truly recommend Skinny Sprinkles. They have given me more energy and helped me to control my portions – two critical factors in my uphill climb towards being fit!!  Ohhhh – and they come in the cutest packaging ever. That’s just a bonus!

xxx loves

*I was sent a complimentary package of Skinny Sprinkles to review on She is Red, but all views expressed above are my own. Thank you to Jane for letting me try this wonderful product during my Get Fit journey!! 

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