New York, New York

November 9th, 2012 § 7 comments


Sooooo…. I’m in New York!!

Thus far, I’ve made it through the worst storm in the city’s history, taken over my best friends bedroom {love you Josh!!}, dressed up for Halloween {twice!}, watched our president be reelected {!!}, seen a New York snowstorm {and fallen flat on my bum in said snow} and started a new job.

No big deal.

It’s been overwhelming, wonderful, lonely, happy, exciting, exhausting… basically I’m a big ball of emotions.


I still don’t have it all figured out yet – very little is figured out in fact – but I’ve met so many amazing people here and experienced so much joy so far, that I’m just not too worried.  I’ve moved into an apartment mere blocks from one of my favorite people ever, spent nearly every moment with my best pal, and had a blast meeting new and old friends in this big, wonderful, crazy/beautiful city.

It’s barely been two weeks – but I’m gonna go ahead and call this NYC race a winner.

Now I’m off to sleep on an air mattress… #livingthenycdream

xxxx loves

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