It’s been {hectic, crazy, wild}… awhile!

January 21st, 2013 § 4 comments

{Top of the Rock – nothing short of amazing}

I know. It’s been ages. It’s amazing how the past few months have flown by – I can barely register where I am right now. I’m pretty sure I’m in Copenhagen – cause it’s daaaaymn cold – but who can know for sure?  #firstworldproblems – I know!  In 2012, I logged 20 different flight itineraries, lived in three cities, two states, two countries, and countless apartments.  Oh, and I graduated college, spent lots and lots of time with the people I love, attended New York Fashion Week twice, took lots of outfit photos, covered lots of things in glitter, and had a heck of a lot of fun.  Yes: that’s my 2012 recap in a nutshell.  It was the best year yet… no question.

Since all the craziness of the last few months has left my blogging skills lacking, I’m going to start back up today with a little post of random photos from the last month or so.  I thought I had nothing to blog about lately, but it turns out I really just had TOO much to blog about! Well, in any case, here goes nothing!

{Winter in NYC has been bitter cold, but quite bright too! Cue the cat-eye!}

{I’ve fallen in love with The Met. Like, HARD.}

{I met the cutest pup in NYC: Milo! His owner is pretty darn amazing too!!}

{I was also introduced to Food Freaks: their grilled cheese will change your life!}

{I wore Jami jewels just about every. single. day. Man, they top themselves every season! Can’t wait to see what spring has in store!}

{I fell pretty hard for this incredible city.}

 {But I was also sure to remember the beauty of my home state. Oregon forever!}

{And I bought no less than four pairs of shoes during the Zara winter sale. Oops!}


Well, I suppose that pretty much sums it up loves!! Bring it 2013: you’ve got a lot to live up to.



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