New York City {One Heck of a Year}

October 25th, 2013 § 3 comments

365 days ago I arrived on my best friend’s doorstep in Queens, four enormous suitcases at my feet, dark circles under my puffy eyes.  I didn’t realize it yet, but for the first time in my life I wasn’t just visiting New York.

I was coming home.

A year has passed since that day, and it’s truly been one for the record books. I’ve experienced the greatest of highs {throwing an event during New York Fashion Week, signing my first solo apartment lease, sharing an elevator with Beau Bridges} and the lowest lows {saying goodbye to a great love, exterminating my first solo apartment, battling the “what’s next” question}.

But through it all, my goodness have I become stronger!  I’ve learned to be open and honest, to tell people upfront what I think, want, need, and mean {who has time for games?!}. I’m still learning how to value my worth and ask for more, but this year sure has given me numerous opportunities to practice.  I went from sitting in a theater alone last November {watching The Hobbit in 3D on a Saturday night because was stood up on a friend date} to having so many wonderful people in my life that I can always count on {and go to the movies with!}.  More importantly than anything, in this enormous, sometimes anonymous-feeling city, I’ve made amazing new friends and reconnected with old ones who mean the world to me.

And 365 days later – I still live with my best friend {but we’re not in Queens anymore kids!!}.

THANK YOU NEW YORK, for being such an adventure, such a whirlwind, such a b*tch, such a dream come true.

I know the next 365 days will bring more joy, more tears, more excitement than I ever imagined possible — and I honestly cannot wait.

Happy anniversary NY; I still <3 you.


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