It’s Raining {MoMA}

August 9th, 2013 § 1 comment § permalink

On the last day that the Rain Room lit up the Museum of Modern Art here in New York City, my Danish sister Mette and I snuck in for a quick peek at what all the fuss was about. {The exhibit had five hours+ lines for weeks.}  We decided to forgo the 5-6 hour wait, and jumped in the viewing line. After just five minutes of waiting {and a free mango-coconut snocone – thanks MoMA!} we were ushered inside the Rain Room itself…

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Amazing Italian {in Hell’s Kitchen}

May 14th, 2013 § 2 comments § permalink

This city is a hectic place. I mean, New Yorkers tend to walk faster than most people run – even if they’re not in a particular hurry. {Hint: that’s how you spot a tourist in NYC – those moving at a leisurely speed.}

That’s why taking a moment to slow down is such a treat, just like I did with friends at Amarone the other day…

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An evening with UNIQLO & VICE

May 3rd, 2013 § 2 comments § permalink

Last Saturday, I spent the most wonderful evening in Chelsea with UNIQLO and VICE magazine…

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Best Places to {Eat, Play, See} in NYC

April 20th, 2013 § 10 comments § permalink

{Pink lights over the patio at my favorite Hell’s Kitchen brunch joint 44 1/2}

Living in New York City is an experience like no other.  It truly is the “city that never sleeps” — perhaps because with so many amazing attractions, restaurants, sights, shops, people and possibilities, it’s hard to spend much time at all in bed {even though you pay half your income on it each month}.  There is so much competition in the city, that restaurants have the unique opportunity to fill niche markets: gourmet cheese and wine cafes, Coyote Ugly-themed gay bars, burger-joints dressed in Victorian decor…. you name it, NYC has it.

I’ve been very lucky in many ways in the last six months I’ve spent in this incredible city, but particularly in terms of finding friends with impeccable taste and a flair for adventure.  They have introduced me to amazing places from day one, which made my move here a million times easier {and a million times more fun!}.  Now that I work as a hotel concierge in the city, it’s my job each day to help tourists find such places during their stay here.  I’ve learned a whole lot over the past six months, so I think it’s high time I shared my city knowledge with you as well!

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