{Homemade} Pumpkin Butter

November 19th, 2013 § 1 comment § permalink

Even though we had quite the Indian Summer here in New York City yesterday, fall has definitely arrived.

The nights are bitingly cold, the heating in our old apartment building is on with vigor, and dark settles in by approximately 4:30pm.  All I want to do is hunker down in our cozy apartment and cook — so I decided to make pumpkin butter for the first time.  Spicy, rich and sweet – without added oil, butter or cream — now this is definitely my kind of butter.

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Pumpkin Pasta with Toasted Rosemary

November 3rd, 2013 § 0 comments § permalink

I have slowly began to accept the end of my first summer in New York.  It’s been hard to let go, since it was such an amazing season. It was full of adventures, new and old friends, and lots of love, laughter and sunshine.

But when it was suddenly cold enough to turn off the fans in my little studio, I knew it was time to get in the fall spirit. So, I swapped our summer adult beverage of choice {Bud Light Lime, for realz} with hot spiced cider and whiskey.  I scattered candles throughout the apartment and decorated a pumpkin.  And then, I got cookin’.

This savory pumpkin pasta has all the comfort and flavor that you’d look for in an alfredo sauce or mac and cheese, but has a fraction of the calories and not even a drop of dairy {unless you sprinkle shaved parmesan on top like I did!}.  It’s a dream come true guys, trust me!

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Baby it’s cold outside

January 31st, 2013 § 1 comment § permalink

I’ve been sick in bed for the last five days, and I truly think I’m going to go stir crazy.  So many things are happening around me right now, and instead of facing them like a grown-up, my body chooses to shut down completely and hide away under an enormous down comforter and pile of tissues.

It’s not healthy. I know this. I’m working on it.

Denmark is a difficult country to catch the flu in if, for example, you are an American like myself who is used to relying on cold medicine to get you through the sneezing, coughing misery.  In Denmark, the doctors say “drink lots of tea”, and so, without any other medicinal options, that’s what you do.  I’ve been through two boxes so far this week – first one of licorice tea and then one of “Sleepytime”.  I mix in a few cloves and anise, then stir in a spoonful of honey and coconut oil.  Miracle worker on a sore throat: let me tell you.

But guys… it’s no NyQuil.



{Red Wine} Poached Pears

January 22nd, 2013 § 2 comments § permalink

Cold, winter nights are perfect for sharing warm, rich desserts.

And if those rich desserts happen to be fat-free and fruit-filled as well… well that can’t be a bad thing, can it?

This winter, peeled pears and dried cranberries poached in a mix of red wine and spices officially became my new favorite dessert.  Amaaaazing.

A dollop of vanilla ice cream makes the perfect compliment to this dish — and I promise you the pears and red wine syrup are so rich, you can easily get away with using fat-free frozen yogurt. {No one will ever know.}

So let’s make January a little less miserably cold, shall we?

I’ll bring the red wine 😉


Tuesday Tastes {Thanksgiving}

November 27th, 2012 § 2 comments § permalink

I’m sure all my American friends out there are too stuffed to look at photos of my Thanksgiving feast this year, but it was just so incredible that I’m going to bombard you with food porn anyway.  Last week, my family and our neighbors celebrated Thanksgiving in style – with delicious, often healthy, twists on all the classic dishes.  Here’s a little peek…

{My father carving his famous ‘Turkey Log’*: a boneless turkey with white meat on the outside, and dark meat and cranberry sausage on the inside.}
*Patent Pending. 😉

{During our family walk on Thanksgiving morning, I collected autumn leaves and fruits for a seasonal centerpiece.}

{Our dear neighbors brought an incredible kale salad…}

{…as well as delicious homemade horseradish cranberry sauce.}

{The overflowing table, just before digging into dinner….}

{Sweet potatoes with coconut milk, caramelized onions and blue cheese. Y.U.M.}

{My favorite pecan pie, with a gluten-free crust and coconut oil replacing butter throughout the recipes.}

 How was your Thanksgiving loves?  If you blog about it, please share the link below! I’d love to see how you celebrated.


Today I’d like to start a new series here on She is Red: Tuesday Tastes!  As you probably know, I love sharing recipes with all of you – but lately I’ve been terrible about doing so!  Between my move to NYC, and subsequent pad thai and juice diets {one was healthy, one was not!}, I haven’t been cooking as much as I’d like to. But I do have lots of recipes to share, and so my early New Years resolution is to post one each Tuesday from now on.  Nothing like a little rhythm to keep things going around here, right?!

Here’s to consistency! {And on that note, see you tomorrow loves! :)}


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